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Numbersync Note 9 Not Working

I purchased a Galaxy watch under a year ago. It is the 4G standalone AT&ampT variant of the 46 mm Galaxy watch. I have had nothing but troubles out of this watch and its connectivity since day one. I have spent at the bare minimum 20 + hours on the phone or in AT&ampT customer service centers trying to get this watch to work. It has even been sent back for technical support and diagnosis. With no progress being made.

The issue that I''m having is the number sync will not stay synced. It constantly keeps unsyncing itself and disconnecting from the service. I also have gotten very poor reception with this wearable. I purchased this watch for this specific reason of the number sync capability and feature but for the most part I''ve been unable to use it. I am now going into my fourth week of being unable to use this watch and then numbersync capability. I have had multiple trouble tickets with AT&ampT and Samsung. But all my time, effort and energy have gotten me nowhere. I would like to reiterate the fact that the only reason that I purchased this product was to use it with the number sync capability. Much to my disappointment there seems to be no solution in sight.

I need to know how Samsung is going to do to remedy this issue with my watch that I purchased? I purchase this product in good faith that it would do what it was advertised to do and I feel that I have been let down.
I look forward to hearing your response.

P.S I have been a Galaxy family product owner since day one.