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Offer not honored + customer care gave up

(Topic created on: 1/29/21 3:47 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch
My Samsung shop app has been consistently showing an offer "get galaxy buds live free when you buy watch 3". I tried to buy with the offer but the checkout did not work. I tried to speak to the customer care executives and they simply kept juggling me around saying case sent to concerned department, only for the concerned department replying with the "offer has ended"

Fair enough! If the offer has ended, why does it show in my app? What's funny is: I bought a new note 20 ultra 3 days ago. I setup a NEW phone, I installed the shop app from the store so there was no cached data or anything wonky going on and guess what? The offer shows!!! 

Why would Samsung not honor the offer then? Finally I got frustrated and has complained to BBB and they have forwarded the case to whoever, I hope they look at soon and I receive a fair judgment. 

If this post is visible to samsung people who can help me with this issue; any help will be much appreciated. Else I'd totally call this a "false advertising" gimmick to get people to buy stuff by baiting them with free stuff and offer changes at checkout!! 


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