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(Topic created: 09-23-2021 09:01 AM)
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I ordered a GW4 44 in green Aug 23rd. I've called support a few times. One CS rep promised 10% off once it ships. Another rep promised $25 coupon code for future purchases. 

Watch and Buds2 were to ship the week of the 13th which it at still shows. Buds2 showed expected delivery 9/17, then 9/24, now 9/28.

I have had zero communication except for me initiating chats. 

I can't cancel the order I'm told. In the mean time TD Bank (Samsung Financing) is charging me for the order and it has NOT shipped. Is this even legal? 

Amazon now has a great deal with 2 day delivery. Best Buy has them in stock. 

I would just like to know if or when?

No one knows and can't give us answers??? 

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