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Over hearing battery draining

I only had my watch for 4 months before the battery started to drain with in 4hrs. 

Got it sent away. after the first day i went for a walk at the local markets and it started to over heat it was only 25° outside ...

 After ready all the comments and Samsung's reply I'm absolutely disgusted in this product and Samsung's reply 😡


Re: Over hearing battery draining

I had a similar problem with the Note 10 and discovered it was a software bug (which Samsung USA won't fix). I sent the phone in for warranty work twice without a fix. Found out Samsung will replace or buy you out on the third time its sent for repair.

Assuming you bought it new / have an active warranty, I'd say send it back till fixed or they offer you a replacement or your money back.

I assume you did a factory reset without any restore, right?