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PIN requested even at the Main Screen

(Topic created: 11-03-2021 03:56 PM)
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Hello friends,

I'd like to ask for sorry, at first, because my english is not very good. I know I ought to improve it. By the way, I really need your help or even that you send this request to Samsung developers.

Well, I don't know if you are familiarized with Active 2 and the payment method (Samsung Pay). But, when I usually have to do a payment, Active 2, open a kind of circle with numbers (0-9) where I have to type my PIN. This is a security measure, and I know it's too important.

Continuing... After I type my PIN at Active 2, Samsung Pay is OK to use, where I can choose the credit card I want and finally make the payment via NFC.

This is (I bet) the right way to do it. And it's awesome!

!!! BUT !!!

Now, at Galaxy Watch 4, after I insert (include) all my credit cards, the device asked me for a PIN. Ok, that's right... so I input it (a 4 digit PIN).

And, the real problem is, now even when I normally use the watch, a lock icon appears in the top of the screen. Even if I want to do a simple task, like check the weather, listen to a song, or try to see any simple information, I OUGHT to unlock the device before, inputing the PIN I typed.


Instead a upgrade it looks like a terrible downgrade!

I really think (and agree) that the PIN is too important BEFORE using Samsung or Google Pay as a security measure... BUT even in SIMPLE TASKS? It makes the wearable unusable!

Please, let me know if its possible to make this procedure the same as Active 2, just striking the PIN only we use a payment method. Or... please let the developers know this issue.

Help, Samsung... come back with the old method! A circle where I can type the PIN just WHEN I use Samsung / Google Pay.

Tks a lot!!

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Cosmic Ray
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This issue is one of the main reasons that I returned a recently purchased GW4 and went back to my GW3.

Samsung pay on the GW3 works the same way as your Active2.  It only asks for the PIN when using the Samsung Pay app to make a payment.

In theory, the GW4 is supposed to only ask for the PIN one time when you first put the watch on your wrist.  In theory, the GW4 is supposed to be able to detect when the watch is on your wrist, and if you take the watch off and put it back on again, you would then need to enter your PIN again, but only one time during each "wear session." 

What I found, (and many others have found) is that this wrist detection system doesn't work very well.  Some people suggest wearing the watch a little tighter to make sure the sensors are making good contact with your wrist.  Others have indicated that tatoos on your wrist may cause interference with wrist detection.

All of this, plus about a dozen other unrelated complaints, were enough for me to return the GW4 and go back to the GW3 for now, which I am still quite happy with.