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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....How do you mute or stop Verizon Messages notifications

(Topic created: 06-18-2021 12:08 PM)
Galaxy Watch

Hoping to get help with an issue that is driving me crazy!

I have a S10 Plus on the Verizon network connected to my Samsung Galaxy Watch. I am using the Messages+ app as my default app. I am part of a group text and receive as many as 100 text messages a day from this one chat. I have muted the conversation in the Messages+ app however Verizon Message still processes text messages and sends notifications to my watch. I am unable to mute messages on the Verizon Message app. I am unable to remove the Messages app from my phone (or watch) nor am I able to stop my watch from notifying me of the messages. I have removed all privileges except phone (which it will not allow me to remove) for the Messages app and it still sends out notifications to my watch. 

This just started happening recently after Verizon forced an update on my phone which didn't work and caused me to need to hard reset my phone in order for it to work again. 

PLEASE someone tell me how to fix this. 

(By the way, who over at Apple had the bright idea to let people like, dislike, or love text messages? That stupid feature has caused my text messaging numbers to triple because now everyone feels the need to let you know how they feel about something that was said. )



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