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Phone alarm randomly going off on watch (Active2, Active4)

(Topic created: 03-05-2023 02:53 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I have an Active2 and an Active4 watch. I've made sure to NOT have any alarms on either watch so that I don't have to deal with accidentally hitting snooze on the Active4. So now I only use my S10+ for my alarms. This morning I had my Active2 on the charger after getting up, and my phone upstairs with me. When it alarmed I turned it off on the phone. That's when I heard the watch alarm beeping. So the alarm was OFF on the phone and now the watch was alarming. What might have caused this to happen? I had to go downstairs to turn it off. Thanks for any help. Forgot to add that I have the same setup every morning, and normally the watch does NOT alarm. So why this morning?


Galaxy S10+, Active2, Active4
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