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Phone's Alarm won't syn with watch



I have a Galaxy Watch that is synced to my Android phone.  Everything seems to work correctly except for the alarm.  When I have an alarm set on my phone, using the phone's native alarm widget, the watch will show me that there is an upcoming alarm at 2 hours before, and show me there is an upcoming alarm at 30 minutes before, but once the alarm goes off on the phone, the watch does not display any option to dismiss the alarm via the watch.  I have to get up and pick up my phone to turn it off.  My daughter's watch will...when her alarm goes off, she can dismiss or snooze the alarm via the watch.  The only difference is she has a Samsung phone, and I do not.  However, I cannot find any information about this making a difference.  Is it only a Samsung phone feature?  We have went over the permissions, and I have permissions set to allow the phone's alarm to send to the watch, and it DOES send SOME of the notifications.....just not the snooze and dismiss options.


Does anyone have any suggestions?