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Pixel 2 phone and Galaxy Watch R815F forgetting each other (bluetooth issue?)

I have a pixel 2 phone and a galaxy watch R815 model. In the last few weeks I have found that every few days I need to "re set up" the watch in Samsung Wearable app as the phone seems to forget it has already paired with it. The phone itself, the Samsung apps (Wearable and Health) are both updated to latest as is the watch.

Any ideas why the phone keeps forgetting the watch and I have to restart the process as if its a new watch each time?

Watch - One UI 1.5, Tizen, SW R815FXXU1FSL4

Wearable -

Plug In -

Accessory Svc -

Health -

Pixel - Android 11


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I've tried all the restart/reset/reboot things but it makes no sense to have to do this as I can reconnect it without this being done and doing it doesnt automatically make it remember the phone/watch pairing.