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Poor Customer Service

I sent my Samsung Gear S3 in for repair due to the battery not holding a charge.  I have numerous emails back and forth.  They notified me of the price of the repair, I paid with my charge card and 3 days later my watch was shipped back to me marked unrepaired due to non payment.  Somewhere in all the emails and phone calls my payment wasn't updated with the repair department, so they sent it back.  I called Samsung the day my watch was returned wanting to know why.  The lady kept saying it was due to non payment.  I told her I have an email confirmation that my payment went through and would be charged at the time of repair.  Finally I talked to another person, a male this time, who after reading all the remarkes on my account said that he too didn't understand but he would get with the repair department and call me back the next day at 1 pm.  Well it has now been over a month and I still haven't heard anymore from them.  I am just sick over this.  I hope everyone else gets better service than I did.  My repair was about $100 less than a new watch would cost me.  


Re: Poor Customer Service

Mine is different experience... I brough galaxuy S10 on Feb 14 2020 after few months charger not working so, i have raised repair request on Aug 2 , 2020 from then my problem started... they said that they are going to send replcement charger. But i need to call them for every 3 days for update on the ticket .. every time when I call they will say that everything is corrected and we are going ship the device in next 3 days but it was not going happen... so, continued this process for more than 2 months and finally they called up said that they are not able to shipt the device so they are going refund the amount for the replacement charger...

Here is the most intresting part.

for that also i am still following up and every call going for more than 40 min after it disconnects or they are going transfer the call to case management department..during the transfer again it will ask for choose call back instead of waiting in the line.. If I choose call back .. I will get call after 15 min or 20 min but it will connect again to technical department and they will ask for details why I am calling and they will take all details ask me for be online and after 15 min they put me on hold then they will transfer to case management team.. so its a never ending loop.. intead of choosing call back if I keep in the line finally call going to disconnect.. 


Next day again same process..  Dont know when it will end.