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Quickly disable wake-up gesture

(Topic created on: 5/14/21 10:18 AM)
Galaxy Watch


Device: Galaxy Watch3 45mm

Model number: SM-R840

One UI: 2.0


Is there any quick way to disable wake up gesture only, without losing other features including inactive time alert. The usual way to disable it is Settings > Advanced > Screen wake-up > Wake-up gesture > Off which is inefficient to do it every time needed


The workaround, based on this https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-Watch/Disable-wake-up-gesture-when-do-not-disturb-is-on/t...  is to enable Do Not Disturb mode but it didn't work now. Theater mode also will deactivate inactive time alert. Sleep mode didn't work either.


Wake-up gesture is useful on active,moving occasion such as outside and all, but would be too sensitive that it get activated accidentally very often in sitting occasion for work when writing, typing, etc. Is there any way to quickly disable wake-up gesture and retain inactive time alert?


Thank you in advance.

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