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Rash/Burn After Wearing Galaxy Watch Active 2



I'm not sure if my post yesterday reached you, as I'm not sure I was logged into the right account.  I have an Active 2, Model: SM-R830, purchased in June of 2020.   I have NOT had any issues up until Monday.  Monday I woke up with rash/burns under the face and under the strap.  I have a silicone bracelet currently.   I do not wear it in the shower, or in other water.  I take it off regularly, to shower, etc, but do wear it overnight.  I am really disappointed for the amount of money that was spent on this watch, for me to be getting these burns.  I do NOT have allergies to silicone or stainless steel.  I do clean the straps.  Please advise.    20201202_081317_HDR.jpg20201202_081235_HDR.jpg20201202_081223.jpg20201202_092755_HDR.jpg20201202_092810_HDR.jpg20201202_092826.jpg

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Rash/Burn After Wearing Galaxy Watch Active 2

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