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Galaxy Watch

I have a Galaxy watch that I purchased two years ago.  All was well, until I started breaking out in a rash on my arm.  I can no longer wear this expensive watch, even though I love wearing it. 

I have searched the forum.  i found many others that have the same issue.  However, I cannot find any solution offered by Samsung. Is there a government agency that I can contact to make them aware of this issue?

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Galaxy Watch
Note to myself... Avoid Galaxy Watches for the time-being

I was actually thinking about getting one.
Galaxy Watch
It might be the watch band that it came with. Try getting a different band put on and see what happens.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Watch

I am very sorry to hear of the Watch causing a rash on your wrist. We take these concerns seriously, and want to get you in touch with our specialized team. If and when you are able, please send me a private message, either by clicking on my profile and clicking Send A Message, or by following this link: https://bit.ly/3hzZfw8


Please make sure the private message includes the following:

Full Name:

Physical address (including city, state, and zip code):

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Alternate Telephone Number: (If Available)

Model Code:

Serial/IMEI Number:


Thank you in advance for your response, and hope your wrist is feeling better.

Galaxy Watch

Hi ,,

Sounds like you've developed a bit of skin contact disease (aka contact dermititis)

This condition isn't specific to any particular watch maker. If the strap doesn't absorb sweat, you might find that you'll suffer from this problem. In particular, if the strap is hydrophobic (repels water), then the sweat will remain in contact with your skin, causing this inflammation. This condition can also be caused by watch straps that contain nickel. A lot depends upon the sensitivity of your immune system in the epidermal layer of cells at the surface of your skin to irritants such as nickel etc.

Whilst the majority of people don't get skin contact disease, often if you are in the minority of people who have a predisposition to skin contact disease, if you do sports and sweat a lot, you notice that wearing watches cause this condition.

I was a sports nut at university: I trained in Ju Jitsu, and in gym, swimming etc. I found that skin contact disease affected me with metal straps, plastic straps and silicone straps (this happened around 2000).

At the time, Casio sold a wrist watch marketed for sports use, and had a strap which specifically didn't cause skin contact. Recently, I found this feature had been removed from Casio watches, so I ended up buying a Timex expedition because that sort of strap absorbs sweat pretty well. 

If Samsung are reading this post, developing a watch strap that doesn't contain nickel but also absorbs sweat isn't quite enough to stop this. Also, you must prevent the base of the watch coming into contact with the skin, especially if it contains nickel. Ideally, the strap should be absorbant and the absorbant material should completely circumnavigate the wrist so the underside of the watch doesn't touch the skin cells..

You can expect to be able to charge at least 10-20% more for such a watch strap, as many sports people just can't wear watches that cause contact dermatitis, so are prepared to pay that little bit more to avoid having to come up with a homemade solution.

Probably that would be wearing the watch over a wrist band.