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Cosmic Ray

Recommendations for new watch.

I've owned apple watches for quite a while. Started w. the original, then to the series 3, and unfortunately a new series 3 when I crushed the 'unbreakable' protective screen I'd added as well as the face itself while working. I like the watch very much WHEN IT WORKS. Unfortunately I've noticed a glitch or intentional manufacturer's bug. About once a month, maybe once every 2 months, I have to reset the watch completely because it stops charging on the POS magnetic charger.
As much as I like the watch, and despite my reluctance to waste a $300 piece of equipment, I'm looking for recommendations/feedback based ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE from Samsung watch users. I'm thinking of going w. a Galaxy, but I don't want to swap one set of problems for a different. If you've owned a Samsung watch and had issues, please share them. If you've owned and wore a Samsung watch for a while (preferably more than a few days), please share that as well. I'm looking for info on efficiency, connection to smart phones, email/text/alert relays and notifications, space, performance, fitness add-ons, face customization, distance at whch bluetooth is effective, etc.