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Remote connection down again?

Could it be that the remote connection issue is back? Since last Friday I noticed that my watch wouldn't remote connect anymore to my s10+ on wifi or 4g. Internet connection on both devices is working perfectly. 

Also I see that creating or restoring backups from within the wearable app is not working. I can't even see my old backups I made previously. I tried 3 times to factory reset my watch but it doesn't help.  While setting up the watch after such reset the wearable app is giving me the option to restore my settings from a previous backup, but when I agree with this I get the error message 'cannot reach samsung cloud'.

Also when trying to activate the option 'reactivation lock'is giving me an error.  

All those symptoms are seeming like there is a problem with Samsung's wearable cloud or something. Beside factory resets I also tried a brand new samsung account, and I even paired the watch to another samsung phone, which I factory reset as well, made sure all apps were up to date and still experiencing the exact same problems. Not being able to remote connect is the biggest problem for me, as I pay monthly fee for the watches 4g esim connection, which definitely works fine!

I already contacted samsung support, who are <edit> telling me to send the watch for repairs....

There is nothing wrong with the hardware, why should I send it? They didn't even ask me for serial numbers or anything else, or check my samsung cloud account, nothing.

Getting desperate here, tried everything i could...

Anybody else having issues like this for the moment?