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Return the Watch 6 and wait for 7 or keep it?

(Topic created: 04-14-2024 08:02 PM)
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Hey people. I got the Watch 6 at Costco. Pretty good deal... I think $60 off. I've had it a few weeks and really like it but the battery life isn't fantastic. About 1 1/2 days. Today I see the Watch 7 is coming out in July. Rumor has it the battery will be bigger and the processor 50% more efficient. So longer battery life. That isn't quite enough to push me into returning the 6 and waiting for the 7. But another sensor... Blood Glucose or Blood Pressure would do it for sure.

What's your take on the Watch 7? Worth returning the 6 and waiting for 7? Or do I stick with the 6.

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I'm personally waiting for the 7 pro which is rumored to be released

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