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Returned my 3rd Active 2 LTE for replacement

I have sent back my 3rd active 2 for hopefully replacmement and new device away from the Active.  All watches have had overheating problems with red triangle warning showing up and then having to wait for it to cool down before beng able to use it again.  Yesterday the screen blacked out and was unresponsive even though I could hear the notifications and ringing.  Has anyone else had these issues and been so unlucky with their active 2 watches?  I am a Samsung fan!


Re: Returned my 3rd Active 2 LTE for replacement

that's strange, I've seen many customers and with the active 2's and haven't seen any over heating issues, but I will say if you live in a hot state like myself (TX) direct sunlight for to long on any device is bad, and also if your picking them up at a store try somewhere else maybe they got a back batch or something but I love the active 2 tho I am definitely more interested in the more refined Galaxy watch 3