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Reverse Charging Not Reliable on Galaxy watch 4 with S22 Ultra

(Topic created: 07-18-2022 11:11 AM)
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I have the whole ecosystem with samsung, but I do have an issue. While my Galaxy S 22Ultra is actually good when charging other devices, Charging the galaxy watch 4 is a complete hassle. I just had surgery in another city two hours from home and i realized that my device has reverse charging. Every time I sit the watch on the back to charge, I have to adjust it for a mere three minutes for it to work properly. Theres always this message "Charging stopped. Please place watch on the center to charge." Or something along the lines. Unlike Samsung, Apple has an actual case where there's a indicator for wireless charging, but samsung does not. It makes it very difficult for ease of access to use this feature unless the wireless Charging space is larger than a few diameters. Any assistance to make this an easier process? Otherwise this adds another thing to my list of inconvenience with Samsung.


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I don't find it that finicky.  Perhaps it's your case.  Try it without the case.



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