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Run pace inaccurate when syncing from Samsung Health to Strava

(Topic created: 06-15-2022 01:26 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Hello Samsung @Samsung_Moderator ,

I'm having an issue with recording runs through my Watch 4 which is seriously limiting the utility I get from this smartwatch. When uploading runs recorded through Samsung Health to Strava, the pace recorded changes such that is totally inaccurate. 

I record my runs through the the "Run" workout on my watch (not in the Strava app on the watch). When I click "finish" the pace summary seems accurate (I typically run at 6min/km. However, when this run then shows up on my Strava, the pace is adjusted so that is significantly faster e.g. 4min/km which is physically impossible for me. I don't have the "adjust distance" feature on Strava enabled (it doesn't actually even come up since I've been using the Watch 4 - having switched from an Apple Watch).

I have also tried manually uploading workouts via a GPX file - the same thing happens with the pace becoming faster in Strava.

The main utility I get from a smartwatch is tracking my run pace and I've always used Strava to record my training. I did not have this issue with my Apple Watch. I suppose a workaround could be recording directly through Strava on the watch but the app is very limited. If this is the norm then there is no point in keeping this watch. Is there a solution?


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