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S3 Frontier SM-760 Premature Battery Drain and Service Support Abysmal

(Topic created: 05-31-2021 05:21 PM)
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So...I've contacted Samsun Support via Text Chat 4 - 5 times and phoned twice...I believe all I need is a battery replacement but have yet to be able to have the Service rep send me a ticket number so I can send my Watch to them to have a simple battery replacement!!!! 

I Currently Own / have Owned:

1. Samsung phones since the S3 (currently have the S21)  x 2  - (1 for wife and 1 for myself)

2. 65" Samsung TV's x 2

3. Samsung Earbuds x 2 (1 for wife and 1 for myself)

4. Samsung galaxy Fit (for my Wife)

5. Samsung Washer and Dryer with Pedestals (smart connect and Speed Cycle buttons $$$) 

6. Samsung Refrigerator (with Ice maker and water dispenser)

7. Samsung Over the Stove Microwave

8. Samsung Range

9. Samsung Dishwasher

10. Samsung 34" Curved Monitor.

11. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch.

AND STILL I CANNOT get a @#$%$#$ battery replaced for my Galaxy S3 Frontier.

I have spent over $25,000.00 on Samsung products and can't get a measly  $30.00 battery replaced by Samsung to that the waterproofing stays in tact???

What do I need to do...Short of buying a new watch??? 



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