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S3 Frontier on iPhone - Store Issues

(Topic created: 05-22-2021 09:51 AM)
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Looking for some advice, I have purchased a S3 Frontier (Tizen Version

I'm happy with the fact that I can only view notifications and not reply to them, its part of the attraction as its helping minimise my response time with messages etc. The issue I have is that I can't get the Galaxy app to open on the phone (just spins or says connect to network and try again) also when I launch the store on the iPhone it lets the apps download but will not install them, they sit in the queue and install but don't !!!!!! just goes through the process and goes back to the download button.

So I can't download any apps or faces to the phone. It is connected to wifi and bluetooth and signed into my account but frustratingly won't let me launch the store or install from the phone.

I have disconnected, reset and repaired the watch twice but no luck.


Pleas see phone and watch details below in case they are needed to help.

• iPhone 11 with iOS 14

• Galaxy Watch App 1.10.20120302

• S3 Frontier SM-R760

• One UI Watch Version 1.5

• Tizen Version

• Software Version R760XXU2FUD1

• Knox 2.3.1

• Knox Tizen Wearable SDK 2.3.1

• SE for Tizen 2.0.0

• TIMZ 3.0.0

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