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S3 frontier sent for repair has water damage

I have had my watch for 8 months. I sent it to Samsung and they claim water damage.  I have never had this watch in any water period and Samsung will not honor the warranty. As i read the complaints I think that Samsung knows that this product only has a life expectancy of a short time cause it seems that you sweating is considered water damage.  This is not fair as a consumer.  This was actually my 2nd frontier 3.  The first one was the same.  I refused to pay 220 to fix it when I knew I could by a new one for 279 so that's what I did directly from Samsung.   8 months later the same thing.  I refuse to make the same dumb investment in this Samsung product again.  I am very disappointed with Samsung knowing that all of us are having this same issue and as big of a manufacturer you are you will not address this and make a better product.  We should be able to sweat while wearing this 300 dollar product.  I think we should start a class action law suit and go to the better business bureau 


Re: Not working galaxy s3 frontier

I agree my boyfriend and i had the same thing happen. This is his second one.. he works out in it and sweats. But this shouldn't cause a smart watch that's used to track your work outs to go out. This is ridiculous. Im on my second one too.. this one I've only had 3 months. Hope it doesn't go out.