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S3 power button works intermittently

This was posted as solved, and it isnt. It's frustrating because samsung identifies all repairs as hardware issues even when they are software issues. The power button stopped working on my frontier, my s2 and my wifes s2. All around the same time that we noticed our s. o.s. feature and samsung pay features were updated and changed.  I'll explain how this connects to power issue.


I used to sign into samsung pay. Enter pin on watch and not have to enter it again till watch is taken off.   And this would get my power button going again. Now I have to sign in everytime and power button does not work again.   Then i noticed my s.o.s. feature was turned off . Which was also how i would get the power button going. Click 3 times and cancel sos and then power button would work. But now its temporary, unless i go into s.o.s. features on my phone and change something. Then power button works again. If any moderator is reading this and can actually get this long awaited issue through to your software dept that would be great. Please dont ask me for the model and serial and have it sent for repair. My watch has not been fixed any of the times it was sent in for your claimed hardware issue.  That's 4 times I've sent it for other issues. Dont claim this is water damage either, all your watches have an IP rating that makes them water resistant. It's just not fair to consumer.  Please fix this problem.