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My sensors of S3 frontier are not working at all after the trizon update it's been 4 months since I had updated my watch and from the day one itself the sensors died and nothing is working on the watch only the time and the notification are available but that's not I paid for....even my warranty had been over it's definitely a software problem and many people's watch had been effected from this update...just wanted to know when the next update is so that may be they fix the issue and my sensors start working again anyway if even it's not then it's Samsung fault cause I am not only the one who Is facing this problem their are many people's around and definitely almost none of us had some hardware issue it's for sure a software issue so, Samsung should repair our watch for free cause it was not our fault they are just ignoring us. I really hate Samsung after all after spending almost 40k rupees(580$) on a watch which is not at all worth it for me it's better to go for an Apple watch because they do care for their customers and if u take any apple product it will atleast last for around 4-5 years where as Samsung products use to die at 2-3 years of range.lets hope if the next update fixes my issue then probably my thinly about Samsung may change that's all what I wanted to say...