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SMS Delivered Notification on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

(Topic created: 02-07-2024 05:08 AM)
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Can you fix the issue of Delivered Notifications on the watch? I have the notifications on my phone, and I want them on my phone. But I don't want them on my watch because they're annoying. On the phone, the message window simply says the message was delivered. But on the watch, I get a whole pop up and notification when it's delievered. And I can only turn it off by turning off my phone notifications. 

These shouldn't be linked. There should be a separate option for the watch. OR maybe the watch notification should be like the phone - just say delivered in the text window - we don't need a pop up notification that it was sent. 

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@KUser27 Have you tried this?

  1. Open the Wearable app
  2. Select your watch, it if isn't already.
  3. Click on Watch settings
  4. Click on Notifications
  5. Click on App notifications
  6. Scroll down to your Messages app and turn the switch off. This will prevent the notifications from being sent to your watch.