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SMS to Verizon assigned number on LTE watch

(Topic created: 05-07-2022 08:25 AM)
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I have a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic on Verizon. It is an LTE watch and I use Google Messages app and pair the phone to a Pixel 5 phone.  I use Verizon Number Share and as long as my phone is with me, the Galaxy Watch receives and displays only the SMS Texts associated with the phone number. Whenever I am away from my phone, I get flooded with SMS Texts sent to the LTE phone number of the phone.

I want this to STOP. I have asked Verizon if they can turn off SMS Texting from that number and they say they cannot.

Also, and this is a defect of Google Messages on for the Galaxy Watch I think, there is no choice to BLOCK messages from these numbers when I select the WATCH from the "Switch Inbox" page.

I really just NEVER want the SMS Texts sent to that number that was assigned to the watch.

Any help???

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Sounds to me as though the
Pixel 5 you pair with belongs to someone else along with the phone number you paired with. My advice would be to go into your Settings. select Bluetooth, and UNPAIR your device from the Pixel 5 immediately. The entity who owns the Pixel 5 is probably wondering why they haven't been receiving SMS messages. Good luck.