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Samsung Active Calorie Count Help

Hi all. I just purchased the Active and the calorie count doesn't seem to take into account my heartrate, so calories burned are usually extremely low. Is there a fix or anything to do about that?


Re: Samsung Active Calorie Count Help

The watch uses the data you input, such as age, height and weight, and combines that with activity levels to give you an estimate. But that's the key word, estimate. The best thing you can do is make sure your devices are updated to the latest versions, that you've entered correct personal info, and give the watch time to learn about you like your estimated stride etc. It's nearly impossible to give an accurate measurement and everything should be taken with a grain of salt and the understanding that its the best guess it can provide. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's a bit off. Personally, I've noticed better consistancy the longer I've used it, but I dont take those number to heart. At least with consistant numbers, even if they're off, they're all off about equally which is useful. Eg., my daily hour and a half run tells me I've burned 950 calories, even if that's wrong, i can see consistent differences from each run. One day maybe 880, another 920, I know that my intensity, or some other factor is at play and can make adjustments to my run, running style or diet accordingly.