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Samsung Fails Doesn't Honor Warranty

Purchased my Galaxy watch 6 months ago.  Loved  that I could go 5 days without needing to charge.  Then a week ago charged my watch and it only lasted 10 hrs. Watched videos and chat and said to do a factory reset.   Got the watch to  20 hrs. Called support and told them what I had gone through and was told I was under warranty and to send the watch in.  I get an email today saying my watch is out of warranty and to pay $430 which is more than muting the watch new from them.  I call their support and they say the is water on the watch.  First off I haven't swam or submerged the watch even though the watch is supposed to be waterproof to 50m. Then the agent states well there is damage to the watch. Not when I shipped it to you but read the posts about the bulging batteries on your watches and that will explain it.  So now Samsung had stole my watch, refuses to honor their warranty and I have wasted my money for the 6 months I had the watch for while they hold my watch random for more money than a new one costs.   Bad business Samsung you know that your batteries explode and that your already seeing complaints on this very issue. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Fails Doesn't Honor Warranty

Thank you for reaching out. I would be happy to look into this further for you. Can I please have your ticket number in a private message: