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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch Rebooting indefinitely

I had watch on my wrist and I felt regular vibration as if is is some notification. I saw Samsung screen we see before device turns off. I purchased it hardly 4 month ago.

  1. Went to bed with 100% battery 
  2. I sensed the vibartion from watch explained earlier 2 hrs after I woke up.
  3. Looked at watch, screen is black (I assumed that battery had drained)
  4. Put watch on charger and it never charges; however, I can press and hold power button
  5. Rebooting screen shows up and it gets a bit through boot sequence, shows second Samsung screen or even gets to lightning bolt screen indicating charging but then screen goes black again.
  6. Have to press and hold to get to boot. Sometimes have to do a few times. Can get to boot menu occasionally. Tried factory reset. Nothing works.
  7. Still can boot to various degrees but never all of the way up. Have not tried connecting with phone app and phone app shows device disconnected (which of course makes sense)
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch Rebooting indefinitely

Thank you for reaching out! I recommend having the watch evaluated by a certified technician. I would be happy to look into your repair options. Please send a private message with the full model code and the serial number/IMEI number of the watch.

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