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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, GPS inaccurate and other bugs


I recently purchase my Galaxy Watch Active 2 and I was really looking forward to an upgrade from my Garmin Fenix 5S.

However the joy was short. 

After fighting a lot with getting the Offline Spotify to work properly by following this guide

I was looking forward to a run with no cellphone. 
Despite the very annoying voice that tells your state by every kilometer, I noticed my minutes per kilometer was off by 1.3 minutes as my previous runs. I then noticed after running my usual 10km trail, it only tracked 8km? 
I have enabled all GPS settings and high accuracy, as mentioned here, that did not solved the problem. The watch has the latest firmware.

I went for a new run, with both my new Galaxy Watch Active 2 and old Garmin Fenix 5S. 
The Garmin watch tracked 11.9km and an average pace of 4.44/km.

While the Galaxy watch tracked 8,9km with an average pace of 6.20/km!!!!

This is absurd and not acceptable!!! The GPS obviously does not work, I have had several issues with the maps app, HERE WeGo, as well and no wonder!
I then figured out that the HERE WeGo app only worked when connected to my phone and was using my phones GPSs, and not the internal GPS for the watch itself.

I really hope Garmin is aware of this major issue and a bug fix is ready within a near future. 

If anybody else has this issue or any of the other ones, please +1 or leave a comment. 
It could be that my watch is broken, but I highly doubt it.