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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 angel hair crack on the heartrate sensor screen

(Topic created: 06-11-2021 06:32 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I received this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 last October as a gift. I immediately start using it on the daily basis and I love it. I swim about 5 days a week and I really enjoy it tracks the laps and my daily activities. I have a very good watch protector and it protects all around it. Recently The watch start acting weird and it keeps restarting by itself and sometimes overheating. After close look, I realize that on the back of the watch around the sensor area there's an angel hair line. Sometimes the watch will even acting funny when I charge it. I've tried to contact Samsung and the links on their website is very confusing. After several links, it direct me to a phone repair center. When I visited the local repair center they said screen cracks void the warranty and they can't fix it at the center. It has to send to another area to diagnose and they will let me know how much it will cost me after they receive the watch. I asked the person at local center the estimated cost of the repair and he said he doesn't know and it normally cost $250~$300 for watch repairs. This is very disappointing as I own several Galaxy products such as 5 Galaxy phones and 2 tablets and 2 TVs and this is how they treat a royal customer? My family told me the watch cost about $300 and now the repair is going to cost me the same amount of money? The person at the repair center doesn't even offer any other options and was rude and impatient. The only thing he asked is if I want to send it back with service ticket and there's nothing else he can do. This type of customer service is really unacceptable and unprofessional. You should do better job treating your royal customer Samsung 😑
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