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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Touchscreen Inoperable

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I am experiencing the same issue as others are with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 touchscreen no longer functioning. From reviews I have read it appears to be a widespread problem for the touchscreen to stop functioning after approx. eight (8) months of operation. With this problem occurring often, I’m hopeful a rectification is obtainable for resolving as procuring a watch at this cost to get so insignificant use is inadequate.

Galaxy Watch Active2 (B384)

Model: SM-R820

Serial number: RFAN9091Y4H

Specific details:

  • Watch first began to slightly vibrate, open & closing app screen several times the stopping.
  • Several days later watch touchscreen became unusable.
  • Both side buttons remain to work.
  • Phone can connect and go thru settings.
  • After a reboot the touchscreen attempts to work however after its completely booted up stops working again indicating this could be a software or hardware issue.
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Below are actions I completed attempting to resolve touchscreen not functioning with no success:

  • Updated latest available software.
  • Using phone verified settings and found no accessible settings, do not disturb or other settings out of ordinary.
  • Changed watch faces to several preinstalled standard ones.
  • Uninstalled all applications capable of being uninstalled.
  • Rebooted watch using side button numerous times.
  • Allowed battery to completely discharge to turn watch off, recharged, and turned back on.
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Additional Information:

Software information:

  • One UI Watch Version 2.0
  • Tizen version
  • Software version R820XXU1DUH1
  • Last software update installed on 9/2/21.

Knox version

  • Knox 2.5.0
  • Knox Tizen Wearable SDK 2.5.0
  • SE for Tizen 2.0.0
  • TIMA 3.0.0

Memory = 530 MB/ 768MB

  • Storage = 1.3GB Available
  • Memory = 249.8MB Available

Battery information

  • Rated DC 5 V / 1.0A
  • Battery capacity 340 mah
Galaxy Watch

I had the same issue. I did pretty much what you did. It was stuck on the initial demonstration screen where it wanted me to slide to the right to show I knew how to get notifications. I am waiting on a Galaxy Watch4 so I just wore it. I would top on the screen once in a while and slide my finger across it. It just, out of the blue, started working. The touch screen was out of whack to where I could only access some of the functions. I could only access the functions in the middle of the screen. I got used to it but now, 2 weeks later, it works almost like new. Once in a while, it will buzz around to a workout and I have to exit out. So, put it on. Use it. It may start working again.