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Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE will not power on or charge under Warranty

Samsung has been contact by both me and sprint.  They were mail the watch on July 7.  They stated the watch has water damage.  Which I have read from a lot of people.  If this watch was even placed in any water, it would of been a swimming pool and it would of only of been a few inches under while playing with my 2 year old.  It would of also of been in Water Lock mode.  Yet, samsung claims it has water damage caused by iodized or salt water.  I live in WV, you need to come show me the closest salt or Iodized water location. 


Then I have spoken to 3 different represetatives today from samsung about the issue and have been advised that this watch is not water proof, is not capable of being in salt water, or pool water, and that it is only able to be in a lake of bath tub or sink.  This has been repeated to me 3 times today.  One of those times the sprint rep was on the phone.  Yet, the CEO of sprint posted this in 2018.


The web site also states the watch is water resistant for swiming.  I can not swim.  I get into 3 to 4 foot and stand and let me children play. 


Now Samsung wants me to pay $350 for them to repair the watch.  After the first call they offered to fix it for $115 or something.  My watch is not even a year old, it should not have anything wrong with it.  I also need Samsung to explain why 3 weeks before it went dead did it stop working with LTE service and why did sprint need to change the phone number?  This tells me there is something wrong with the mother board.  I currently own 15 samsung devices.  If this is not fixed and samsung does not do what they need to make this right, I will make sure I hit all 2,000 of my friends and followers to ensure none of us purchase Samsung again.  If we want Android, we will move to google. 


Here is where it states the water resistant tips.


Re: Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE will not power on or charge under Warranty

I've experienced similar issues wirh mine. The overheating while charging, and now at last the continual notification on screen Rebooting but NEVER COMEPLETES!! JUST STAYS IN THAT MODE TIL DEAD! UNDER 6 MONTHS Usage. ... If this is what I have to look forward to with Samsung, THEY'RE DEAD TO ME!!
This is how you make 🍎 Apple users out of lifelong Android users