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Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 - no alarm sound

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 11:43 PM)
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I found a strange and annoying bug on my Samsung Galaxy watch active 2:

My alarm does not produce any sound it only vibrates once!


my investigation so far:

This only happen with the first morning alarm, if I set two alarms in a row, the second one will work (with sound!)


when I go to sleep, I turn a flight mode and goodnight mode and this problem only appears with the first alarm in the morning.


This happens once already (approx. 6 months after i bought my watch) and hard reset helped.

And now, approx. 6 months after this it started again.


I don't want to hard reset my watch again and I don't want to set up two alarms in the morning.

At the end of the day, who can guaranty that after a while the same bug won't happen also with the second alarm?


I just want to rely on my watch that my morning alarm will work as it should! Always!


Please HELP!!!




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