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Samsung Health App

I am using a weight management app (Noom) and Samsung does not communicate with Noom so I must use another app (Health Sync) to sync my step count. I'm now getting a message that Samsung is no longer allowing for step count to sync using that app. This is too hard. Would you consider working directly with weight management apps? The battery life on my new Samsung watch is awful and now I can't sync my steps... I'm about ready to bite the bullet and buy a Fitbit. I never had problems with that device AND the battery lasted a lot longer. Yes. I know that the health monitoring feature uses the battery more quickly but that's the point of a fitness tracker. If I wanted a piece of jewelry that I wear on my wrist to tell me what time it is, I'd buy a watch.


Re: Samsung Health App

I have the same issue. not sure why samsung doesn't support sync. it makes it very limiting and also not able to participate in work based incentive programs.