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Samsung Health Galaxy Watch Active 2 accuracy

Hi, I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, would apprectiate some assistance/infomation. I am using a Google Pixel 3 phone.


The samsung health app on my phone does not allow me to select my step count data from just my watch. The only options i have are All steps(watch and phone) and Cell Phone, Is there any way to count just my steps from my watch?

And, when i have steps counted from both watch and phone, are they both counting the same steps and my daily steps been double what I actually did?

I have been getting some high figures, upto about 20000 steps a day which i don't think is accurate.  Today for example, my daily steps are at 17680, My Cell phone only has recorded 12406. the only time I had my watch separate to phone was when i did a short walk(approx 1000 steps).


Thanks for your help