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Samsung Health on Galaxy Watch Active 2

I recently updated Samsung Health on my Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE for the first time in awhile, and while the distance tracking is slightly better (a known 3.1 mile running course now tracks at 3.06 instead of 2.99), there are several changes that I don't know how to correct.


1.) The duration counter no longer lists hundredths of a second, just minutes and seconds. When selecting the workout screens, the duration options shows mintues, seconds, and hundreths of a second, so i don't understand why that doesn't appear when actually working out.

2.) The guide frequency option inexplicably no longer exists on the Running workout option. Before, I would hear a voice after each mile relaying the average pace, total time, total distance, and average heart rate. Now I can only get a voice prompt from the auto lap function, which does not give the same information.

3.) The pace calculation seems way off. The average pace for 3 miles was 7:35, which was correct, yet the live pace tracking never dropped below 8:15, which is impossible?

4.) I paused a run with the back button because I came to an intersection. When I hit the back button to resume the run, the workout instead just ended.


Does anyone know solutions to these issues?


Re: Samsung Health on Galaxy Watch Active 2


I have the same problem. It seems like they completely removed the audio guide function.


Because I run in the wilderness, where I have no laps auto lap feature is now almost completely useless. Voice tells me every 1 km the time of a lap and average time, which are completely the same every time.


Before, it used to tell what was kilometer's average time and my run's average time, so you could compare and would know are you going slower or faster this kilometer. Now it's so ruined it's completely useless.


My sweetheart has the same issue. We need an update to this feature, maybe some settings for these messages?