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Samsung Health - using abroad with different SIM

(Topic created: 09-30-2022 09:32 AM)
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Just got a galaxywatch 4 and got it up and running in Switzerland. Working fine as far as I could tell (new to galaxywatch, only a few days).

Yesterday flew to Ireland and now Samsung Health on the phone (S20FE-4G) no longer starts - server error 0x2C#7 524288.

Reading on the Web it seems Samsung Health has a SIM dependency / requirement (?).

So my hunch is this is related to my switching the SIM for "everything" to my other SIM (EU) and/or the fact that my Swiss SIM has roaming disabled at the moment...(?)

Any insights welcome.

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I've heard that the Samsung Health app is not licensed for use in all countries or that certain restictions may apply.