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Good Morning,

I'm requesting a response from Marketing, Engineering or the Program Manager regarding their BP Monitoring marketing tactics. I ordered a Watch 3 last year and to my surprise the BP monitoring software was not included. I was told the FDA didn't approve it. So I returned the watch.

This year I ordered a Watch 4 with BP Monitoring. Again, I had a watch with no BP Monitoring software. I spoke to a  real live Person at Samsung and was told the BP monitoring has not been FDA approved. 

My questions are:

1. Did Samsung falsely market and advertise  Watch 3 and Watch 4 to the Consumer? 

2. Will Samsung Legal Department provide Consumers with an Software Approval Letter to use software work arounds from YouTube videos.

If the watch goes back for repairs and Samsung refuses to work on the watch because I downloaded unapproved software. Do we have a problem with the consumer and Samsung's warranty?



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Galaxy Watch
I have sent multiple emails to Samsung and received zero responses. Kinda wondering if anybody checks their email there. Perhaps they are focused on the next generation of phone or Wearable that won't have support....