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Samsung Promotion Website Not Working

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Galaxy Watch

I'm trying to claim the Galaxy Watch4 after I purchased the Galaxy zFlip3 phone, but have had no end of trouble with the website.

First, when I went to submit my claim, there was an unexplained error telling me to try again later, which never worked.

The next day, the website was so slow to the point of it being unusable. So again, unable to claim the promotion.

Tried ringing the claims support line, only to have an automated message tell me to use the website (which obviously doesn't work). If I try speak to an agent, they put me through to the same automated message.

When I try speaking to live chat support, they send me the number that takes me to the exact same automated message.

There must be some way to send my evidence of purchase to a staff memeber so they can complete the claims form for me?

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Galaxy Watch

I've been having the same problem train to  claim my Galaxy buds Pro, the page does not load.