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Samsung Watch 46mm overheating

(Topic created: 04-26-2021 11:48 AM)
Galaxy Watch

This is my second Watch from Samsung  with LTE the 1st would not shut down after a year and a half of use. sent it in for repair and they wanted 170.00 to fix it.  Figured Id just buy a new one so after 3 months of use it overheats , but only when I am listening to music on my Samsung ear bud and or skull headphone's within 15 mins. I sent it in for repair got it back and still does it.  Interesting thou that my first watch using the same features never overheated.  My take : 1st these watches are not cheap, 2nd they are sport watches and should be able to work while active outside and not overheat,, especially after only 15 mins,  3rd if the watch cannot function like they advertise then they should take those features off and charge half of what they are charging.  I have spoken to support and they want me to send it in again. My issue and from what I have read Samsung will say they found nothing wrong and they will send it back and blame it somehow on you instead of resolving the issue be it technically or just return your money. Is this true ? 

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