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Samsung Watch 46mm stop vibrating.

I have had my watch for less then a year since getting it last Christmas. My Samsung Watch has stopped vibrating in general, it will not vibrating when I get notifications or set alarms. I first noticed this when my phone was recharging in a different room when I went to sleep, and my roommate dismissed the alarm from my phone but my watch did not vibrate. I have changed and adjusted all the settings I could find on vibrating, and any type of notification settings. I have had someone text me and my watch is getting the notification but not vibrating. When adjusting the nortification settings to vibrate and the vibration strength nothing is happening.


I have my watch pairing by bluetooth to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I did not have any type of problems with my watch prior to this, other then the Sleep Tracker stopped tracking my sleep patterns. I have read through these forms for any kind of solutions, I have update my Galaxy Watch app, restarted both my watch and phone, adjusted settings. Nothing seems to work. I do not want to reset my watch unless it is the last resort, almost seems like the vibration functionality in my watch is broken.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Watch 46mm stop vibrating.

Thank you for reaching out! Here are a couple of additional steps you can check:

If the watch will still not vibrate, please send a private message with the model code and serial number.

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