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Samsung Watch Active 2 Terrible Battery Life

(Topic created: 05-19-2021 12:16 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I recently bought the Samsung watch active 2 (44mm, aluminum, Bluetooth) and I'm pairing it with my OnePlus 7T, and I'm in love with the tons of features, apps, and settings it includes.
However, its battery life is terrible! It barely lasts a full day, It's unlike what anyone has ever described or experienced from the comments about it on the internet! It's even draining my phone battery lol!
I have disabled all battery draining features and settings and followed a lot of advices from Reddit and YouTube and I don't use any heavy apps, I have some settings that I keep enabled that mean a lot to me, which are:
  • Tap or raise the watch to wake
  • Heart rate monitoring every 10 mins
  • Notifications vibrate and wake up the watch (I think it could be the main reason as I receive tons of notification due to my busy social life)
  • Alti-barometer auto-refresh
I think the main reasons behind the battery drainage could be:
  • Incompatibility between the OnePlus phone and Samsung watch
  • Defective watch battery and need to return it
  • I'm missing or doing something wrong that I'm unaware of
Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated, thanks so much to everyone in advance.
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