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Samsung and FedEx

(Topic created on: 5/5/21 5:46 PM)
Galaxy Watch
On today, May 5, 2021, I was expecting my Galaxy Watch3 Titanium to be delivered. 

I left a signature release on my front door as I have done in the past with several items that I have ordered directly from Samsung with no issues. Yet today according to FedEx, I need to sign directly for the package. Even though I worked a max 4 minutes away from my residence, the driver couldn't or wouldn't bring my package or allow me to met him (I work at a police station).

Going to the facility would put me out of my way and they would not re attempt on today even though I asked before it was returned to the facility. They say that they will attempt again tomorrow yet again I will not be available to sign nor have anyone else sign and they said that Samsung needs to give them the ok to leave at the door.

Samsung states so far that they can't allow them to leave at the door, even though I have signed a release. So now I may be forced to give up and let the watch go back

And no the going to the facility is not an option for me

Where can I file a written complaint with Samsung? I already have with FedEx 
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