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Samsung financing cust support lies every time, won't acknowledge messages sent thru td bank portal

(Topic created: 03-21-2021 09:21 AM)
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I made the mistake of purchasing a samsung watch last august. on the same account as my note 10+. It was setup on autopay . due to quarantines, etc during the pandemic, i was unable to get my mail. When i finally got back home, i was appalled to find out that they had cancelled my autopay, and had begun to heap additional charges on my account. I called them and paid off the account. they now deny that and have kept on heaping charges on. they will not allow me to go to court and settle this in front of a just person; instead they allow people who apparently are trained to abuse to just play with people with problems. The lady i just spoke with HUNG UP ON ME as i was begging to be connected to a supervisor. this after 3 hours of hold time in the past 3 days. This company is certainly one of the most evil i have ever dealt with!!!  

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social media is your friend, the only question you need to ask yourself is the total amount worth for you to take the time writing them up, I say yes because I can guarantee you yiu are NOT the only one..... I have uncovered some not so nice practices from Samsung =biotech?! they are playing sheep but really are a wolf