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Samsung galaxy watch / Samsung Health calories completely inaccurate

So I have had my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 since release and I do love it, but I bought it primarily for the fitness features. Here-in lies the issues. When I go running, or when I simply go on the treadmill, or when I use the rowing machine, the data I get back is not correct. The calorie counting is far (FAR) too low in all tasks. And the GPS is... creative?

Using my run today as an example, I ran 10km on the treadmill. The watch picked up 10.4km... which isnt too bad, but it also put the calories burned at just over 700. As an 85kg, 6ft 2 male, taking 58 minutes, following accepted methodologies for counting calories burned it should be around the 900 mark. I do have my weight logged in the samsung health app (actually even heavier at 87 since I have not updated it for the last month) so I don't understand why this is so inaccurate at over 20%.

I also did 30 minutes on the rowing machine a few days back... Which apparently only burned 232 calories... I would expect this closer to 400. 


Is this registered as a bug, or is the methodology being used just going to be incorrect forever more?