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Samsung health body comp measurement off for females

(Topic created: 03-15-2024 06:56 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I recently started getting really into fitness and had an InBody scan to compare to my Samsung watch 4 body composition measurements. Well, I lift a lot of weights as I'm working on my strength and fitness and I'm surprised that my skeletal muscle scans were 10ibs less than what the Inbody scale had. Sure, there are a few differences daily due to dehydration or water retention but still, I was very surprised how closely accurate everything was but the skeletal muscle number. It turns out the app setting 'discriminates' and gives you less muscle mass and more fat for a body comp reading. I found this out when I switched my gender to Male. Samsung folks, if you're reading this, please stop treating women as fluffy damsels as some of us like to lift heavy to improve our physique. Thanks so much 
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