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Samsung health still not accurate for running distance

(Topic created: 08-17-2021 12:58 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I used Samsung Health a couple of times to track my runs when I got my OG GW a couple of years ago and just didn't get on with it. The stats weren't quite accurate, HR was dodgy and Strava integration barely worked at all. I've been using an app called gear tracker since without issue but thought I'd try Samsung Health again today as I quite like the post run stats it provides and sadly I'm still disappointed.

I set out for my standard 5k route today and was a little surprised when I got to the normal end spot and was still 0.4km out.... I carried on to reach 5k (along with probably my worst time ever). That then uploaded to Strava via the integration and unsurprisingly that reported the correct distance of now 5.4km.... What's the point in the Strava integration if the stats uploaded are different? Even more annoyingly why did the GPS track fine but Samsung Health didn't get the correct distance?

Am I missing something here in the settings, was it just a bad day for the watch or is it best stick with the Strava app for runs directly.... Does anyone else have similar issues? I'm hoping my GW4 doesn't have the same problems but time will tell.

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