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Samsung needs to polish up the line of Galaxy Watches

(Topic created: 07-21-2021 01:50 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I know someone had said this previously (forgot who it was) but I feel like Samsung needs to polish up the apps with new features on the apps to make them more useful. They should at least mimic the look and convenience of the apps we already have on our phones. TizenOS is alright at this moment, but they need to personalize things a bit more and make some of their watch faces more customizable too. I don't want to have to stay on TizenOS while everyone else who chose the Galaxy Watch4 and its unified OS get all the features and fun. I hope the 3 years of software support will be worth it because if this is the case, upgrading to the new Galaxy Watch might become a choice earlier than usual after all. I'm really having high hopes for Samsung in the future, and let's not let them lose their crown.


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