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Samsungs horrible customer service and failure to uphold warranties

I am writing this email because this is the second time I have been met with resistance to fill my warranty with my Samsung Galaxy watch. I had bought the previous model, and used it AS ADVERTISED. I live in a complex with a pool and it is advertised that that model could withstand up to 30m of water. After seeing that I figure what could 3-4ft matter. I also wore it in the shower. I never took it off so it was never damaged or dropped. One day the screen began flickering. After sending it in for a warranty replacement I was met with much disrespect and resistance saying it had water damage. I didn't understand because I had used it as advertised. Each representative constantly accused me of how i had to have dropped it or broke the seal or used it as it wasn't meat to be used. I eventually got a replacement, which was the newest Galaxy watch model. 
This time I was extremely conscious of not exposing it to ANY water, given my last experience. I am a very active athlete, I do a lot of cardio and exercise. This is advertised as an athletic watch so it should be built to exercise in (considering it has a heart rate monitor). Fast forward, after months of use, one day I remove it before showering and notice the glass backing that protects the heart rate monitor slides off. It appeared that the adhesive had become worn and the glass no longer stuck. After putting it back in place several times it eventually fell off and it was a lost cause. After a few days the battery would no longer charge. I would sit it on the charger and it would just blink constantly and not charge. At this point I send it in for a warranty. Today I get a notification that my watch is 'out of warranty' (warranty Expires December 2019). After calling in to customer service rep he proceeds to tell me that my watch is 'out of warranty by condition'. 
I am furious, this is the second time Samsung isn't willing to redeem my warranty. Should the glass piece be coming off of the heart rate monitor? NO, that is a manufactures defect. Should the battery be charging? YES, if it doesn't this is a manufactures defect. Samsung seems to be notorious for their battery issues. They proceed to tell me that I now have water damage AGAIN and have to pay $430.84 to get this fixed. This is more then the cost of the watch! Your most expensive model is $369, yet your asking for $430 for a replacement?! I can GUARANTEE if Samsung was to offer a replacement they wouldn't even cut a check for this amount. Yet this is the amount your're asking for a repair, not even a brand new watch, a repair! THIS IS ABSURD! It seems like claiming water damage is a loophole used to prevent customers from getting a replacement because its something that's a he said she said thing. 
As i said, after my first watch I was sure not to get ANY water exposure. However it seems that the articles floating around are true. Since my watch hasn't been exposed to ANY water, and only sweat its clear that what is advertised is severely misleading. I am thoroughly disappointing with your customer service and how you treat your customers. Apple wouldn't tolerate this one bit! They have a excellent policy when it comes to their customers, and also a reason why they're rated high in customer service. However it seems each time I have a serious issue with Samsung, its always the customers fault, instead of claiming ownership. After this generation of products this has me seriously contemplating if I want to be a Samsung customer anymore, considering how I've been treated. If you can't uphold warranty policies and mislead your customers on how the products actually perform then what does that say about your integrity as a company. I'm hoping someone can reach out to me and make this right. 
PS: I tried to post a post like this before, but to anyone who reads this Samsung censors posts they deem unacceptable. This shows you what they think of customers. I was censored because I directed users to serveral news outlets that are showing samsung under heavy scrutiny for lying and false advertising to their customers. Which I am a vitcim of.
This is living up to have a horrible name in my eyes for the respect of their customers and how they do business.

Re: Samsungs horrible customer service and failure to uphold warranties

Have you considered a complaint to the State Attorney General's office in your home state? It was a different scenario, but I had a problem with my cable company and they (WA state AG office) sorted it out within a couple of weeks after I complained. Any company doing business in your state should be answerable to the AG.


Re: Samsungs horrible customer service and failure to uphold warranties

Same exact issue I have. Hopefully this will eventually land in the US AG's lap. Australia is sueing Samsung for their water resistent claim. I would suggest your local small claims court if you have time. After contacting the Texas AG, I'm taking them to small claims court.